How to choose your boules

Rofritsch competition balls meet the requirements of players in all categories, from beginner to champion, from the quietest pointer to the most aggressive shooter. The steels used are carefully selected and are grouped into two main families:

Carbon Steel :

provides a more secure hold and a better grip on the ground. May oxidize slightly, requiring maintenance by oiling.

stainless steel :

offers an easier release and keeps its natural satin appearance. Simple, occasional cleaning In addition, the hardnesses can vary within a fairly wide range, our 6 families of balls cover all the needs of the competitors who can be easily identified with the scale which is at the bottom of the following pages.

All our competition balls are: Made in France Guaranteed 5 years FFPJP and FIPJP

What type of player are you?

  • Pointer
  • Middle
  • Shooter


The right diameter

The diameter of your balls should allow you a good hold in hand


The Blue Ball Rofritch is first on the market for its huge selection of striages - all homologated - for its balls of competition