La Boule Bleue, a 100-year-old family-run business, specializes in heritage living in the Ministry of Commerce and Handcrafts.

The oldest ball manufacturer in the world! The petanque was born in 1907 in La Ciotat, La Boule Rofritsch already exists for 3 years in Marseille.

Since those far times, his philosophy has never changed: create, develop and manufacture your ball, the one that matches your personality.

A quality requirement without compromise: the immovable and unique guarantee of 5 years as well as the loyalty of our customers boulomanes are there to testify.

The human dimension of the company makes it possible to stick products to the service of loyal and competitive players, an artisanal approach to manufacturing authorized today even without limits!

A large selection of regional and national markings to affirm its pride, its levels of available stages, a range of diameters and weight more on the market, balls for all uses, occasional practices to the extreme competitor.

Hervé Rofritsch