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Prestige Carbone 110 Very Soft

New product

Set of 3 boules 

Prestige Carbone 110
110kg/mm2 +- 34HRC

Looking for the best? You've found the absolute top of the line.

More details

Product details

Fine steel alloys, along with an profound anti-rebound treatment, give this boule the most softness approved in competition. It's the 'carreaux sur place" specialist!

Master your game thanks to its matt aspect, which guaranties an excellent grip on the boule. (Carbon steel boules, which are coated with a black varnish which gradually disappears with use, require maintenance with oil after each day of play, we recommend using a thin oil, such as WD40 or 3-EN-1).

Manufacturing time and shipping time.

166,67 €


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